Our Food – at the Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne

Making lunch

Making lunch at a community consultation event

A new drama about food takes to the stage on Friday 22 February at Newcastle’s Live Theatre.

The drama “Our Food” explores the opinions, choices and perceptions of consumers, researchers and retailers.

It is a collaboration between Tyneside community groups, the Indian playwright N. Madhoo and Tyneside-based director Jonluke McKie. Tickets for the play are free and available from the Live Theatre Box office.

The current horsemeat scandal has raised concerns about trust in the food chain, who chooses what goes on sale and what consumers want and need, all issues at the heart of the drama.

The play is the culmination of the first six months of a pioneering research project examining how to create a more healthy and sustainable food system. The play dramatises the findings of a series of discussions about people’s need for a healthy diet, and how this is influenced by economic and environmental pressures or narrow research agendas.

Dr Tom Wakeford, visiting fellow at Newcastle University’s School of Agriculture chairs the five year research project, which builds on the foundations of long term community based research carried out in the north east. On Saturday 23 February researchers and policy makers will debate the findings enacted in the drama and explore the contributors’ perspectives on food.


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