What is food sovereignty?

Ruth Hayward reports back from the Food Sovereignty event held in London in July.

In July I went along to the Food Sovereignty gathering in London on behalf of the ‘Our Food’ project to find out more about food sovereignty and the movement for changing our food system that is gathering pace.

The gathering was a very friendly event, held at Organiclea farm and included campaigners, agricultural researchers, food growers and people from community food projects.

Over two days we heard about how the food sovereignty movement had developed, discussed issues that people are working on in the UK and ways to move things forward.

So what is food sovereignty and the food sovereignty movement? In brief, it is about putting the needs of those who produce and consume food at the heart of food systems and policies. By bringing together the organisations, groups and individuals who work on food related issues, from community supported agriculture, local food networks and healthy eating projects, to those supporting the rights of small farmers, then our voices can be stronger.

The food sovereignty movement is based around six core principles:

  1. a focus on food for people
  2. values food providers
  3. localises food systems
  4. puts control locally
  5. builds knowledge and skills
  6. works with nature.

To find out more or get involved visit the website: Food sovereignty now!


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