Report from the Elgin Centre

Amy Mycock reports back from the event we held at the Elgin Centre in Gateshead on Saturday 30 June 2012.

Discussing the future of food and farming

Discussing the future of food and farming

We started off with an economical, yet sumptuous lunch of ham hock, roasted new potatoes and carrots with buttery parsley sauce, from Chef, Rhian Cradock of the Feathers Inn, Hedley on the Hill, Stocksfield.

Marian, from the centre regaled us with tales of how her food advocacy and campaigning took her to Paris and further afield, encouraging us all to take part in shaping the food system.

We worked in groups to discuss “What would you ask someone on street about their food?” Answers involved not only people’s favourite foods, but how they obtain their food, how they feel about the food that their children eat in school and their opinions on the price of food.

Filming at the Elgin Centre

Filming at the Elgin Centre

When Hugh Kelly, the film maker, arrived we took shots of people talking about how food has changed since we were born.  Remembering pot pies, tripe, home-grown veg and the bread and butter puddings of previous decades, we asked “What are the problems with food today?”  Freezers, microwaves, supermarkets, TV dinners – just to name few – in the last 60 years food in Britain has been transformed.  We noted a decline in the nutritional quality, sociability and shopping experiences in relation to food.

The film will be edited over the next few weeks and then pieced together with clips from further workshops.  We’ll post it on the website when it is done.


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